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Create a list of potential blog posts that you may write and consider images you will need to match your blog title.

Consider if you would like a headshot for your About Me Page on your website, linkedin or for social media. 

Think about types of behind the scenes photos that you may be able to capture to show your audience how you do what you do and so they can get to know you.


Do you have any products or props that we can photograph details and also incorporate into your session?

If you work from a home studio or office and you feel it aligns with the visual branding you already have (i.e. the way your business appears on the outside) then this can be a perfect place to shoot some of your images. Especially those shots of you working away as you do most days, at your computer with a hot coffee as a permanent fixture on your desk and maybe even a dog at your feet! This is another benefit of in-home shoots - pets are more than welcome!

If you’re already planning to use your home office for the shoot then it’s often nice to get some more relaxed lifestyle portraits in other areas of the house, such as in the living room or kitchen.

Coffee shop headshots are always a popular choice! Cafes have a laidback atmosphere, meaning they lend themselves nicely to lifestyle portraits. Plus, if you’re a caffeine-lover then it’s a no-brainer to have some of your brand photos taken at your favourite spot!

At your place of business. The obvious choice :) Customers love to see and get to know your brand and what to expect so behind the scenes shots and candid shots doing what you do daily is ideal.

Outdoor portraits by their very nature have a light, fresh feeling about them and can really bring your website to life. Depending on your brand and the people you want to appeal to, we can shoot against an urban background or go for a more rural feel, or shoot at the beach! If there’s a particular place that’s special to you, or maybe the place you walk your dog every day, then we can incorporate this too - it’s another way to bring your personality and values into your brand images.


The most important thing is that you wear something that you feel comfortable in and that is you. A few things to avoid would be loud patterns or prints and logos as they can look really distracting in photos. 

You will move around during the photo shoot so make sure your clothes aren't super restricting. 

wear your brand colours

The purpose of these photos is to use them on your website and other marketing materials, so it’s a good idea to keep your brand colours in mind when choosing your wardrobe. Don’t wear colours that are completely off brand for you because they may end up clashing with the other visual elements of your branding. (ie. try not to wear a hot pink blazer if your colour palette is soft blues and greens) 

have multiple outfits 

You want to get as much out of a single photo shoot as possible, so make sure to bring multiple pre-styled looks to change into. By bringing extra clothing and tops in particular, you can get a variety of looks in your photos, giving you more choice and a wider range of uses for your final photo collection.

Certain items may also be better suited to different lighting conditions or settings, so it’s good to have a number of options to choose from. You may want to bring some dressier and more casual looks with you as well, since they can help to highlight your professionalism, individual personality and sense of style.

wear your hair down

In real life we see all angles and movement of your hairstyle. This isn’t the case with photos. You are only catching one angle at a time and if your hair is in a ponytail, you may look like you don’t have hair. An exception to this rule would be a topknot or messy bun if it is up high enough to see from the front.


Small touches like a manicure and pedicure can really make a difference. to the finish of your photographs if you can. If you are wearing shoes obviously don't worry about a pedicure.


I highly recommend getting your makeup and hair done before the photoshoot. It really elevates your images to be a more professional look. Please make sure you check the make up artists work in advance or we are happy to provide recommendations.

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