3 Tips for Taking Better Photos on Your Phone

It would surprise you how much you can improve your own photos taken on your phone with a few simple changes. I get asked this a lot so below are a couple of quick tips you can use to improve your images in between sessions.


This is the big one. The first tip is to turn off your overhead lights when taking photos in your home. It is super unflattering and without getting technical it can reduce the quality of the look of your photos. Instead use window light. Window light is directional which is perfect. It adds depth and interest to the photos. Being perpendicular to the window is great and if it is too bright just take a few steps away from the window until it looks right.


Whenever you are taking photos of your kids, bend down or sit down so that you are taking the photo from their eye level instead of shooting down on them from above when you are standing. The photo will be much more engaging. Bonus tip, experiment with angles, take photo from different angles and heights and you'd be surprised what can look great.


If you have been to one of my sessions you will know that my sessions are a lot of fun and very playful! This is because I absolutely love real smiles, laughter and connection. So when you take photos of your kids remember to engage with them, don't tell them to smile, make them smile! Sometimes I will get the kids to be silly, not to capture the silliness but to capture the genuine happiness and laughter afterward because they are having fun! So try and capture your kids either doing something they love or by making them laugh and having fun with them. For example, be super silly and play and tickle them and pretend to do it again but at the last second take the photo. If your kids love painting, running through the sprinkler, cooking or reading for example, set that up near the window and capture that memory.

There is truly nothing better than capturing real moments that you and your kids do every day that you will look back on one day and remember. I don't think there is any other type of photography that is more important than authentic documentary photography of your lives together.