What to Wear to Your Engagement / Couples Photoshoot

For photo inspiration please have a look at our Inspiration Board on Pinterest here : 

What To Wear for your Couples / Engagement Session


I highly recommend wearing clothes that you feel comfortable in. You will move around during the photo shoot so make sure your clothes aren't super restricting. You also want to look like yourself. 

COLOURS Colour can make a huge impact in your images. White, cream, beige, neutrals and pastels are always a safe option if you are unsure. Neutrals doesn’t mean just greys and browns. There are neutrals of every colour (mustard yellow, forest green, burnt orange).

Please keep in mind that having a colour palette of 3-4 colours looks best. You can see some colour palettes for inspiration on our Pinterest board at the top of this page. I would be keeping in mind the colours of your home and you can even incorporate that into your colour palette too.

When looking at images you love, take notice if you love the images where they are wearing lighter tones or darker and more bold tones. Avoid bright fluorescent colours.


Textures are also beautiful such as lace, denim and knits. They add depth and richness to images.

HAIR & MAKE-UP It can be really nice to have your makeup professionally done however you certainly don't have to, you want to look like yourself so whatever makes you most comfortable. If you have chosen a more intimate / casual or in home session i would have your makeup slightly more natural so that it fits in with the story.


Please be careful with fake tan, if you really feel like you need one, make sure it is as light and natural as possible. Fake tan comes out quite orange in photos and does not go well with your partners skin (and can look patchy on hands).


In home sessions can be all of the above but can also mean a little less clothing. The images can be a lot more intimate with a bit more skin showing. This can be anything from shorts, sweaters and jeans to a sweater with undies, jeans and shirtless for the boys! Whatever is you and you are comfortable with and want your photos to be. It can also be less an intimate feel and more of a "loungey" casual vibe or anything that you have in mind!